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About Julie

Hola/Namaste I am Julie Founder of  ZJN Luxury Picnics & Decor, A  SAHM & Wife, who did the set up for Hubby's Birthday, decided to turn myself as a Mompreneur and create best memories for People, Bring Smile & Happiness in their life.  Little Did I know I will have my own venture.

From Doing Choreography  Makeup Tutorial, Writing Fashion Blogs, Creating Videos of Travel...I always Find myself surrounded with creativity, because that’s what Makes me Happy.

To live my life learning new things. Always has a Creative Vison to make something Different from all. Here at ZJN Luxury Picnics & Decor will create Magical moments that are visually stunning. I want People to remember their Special day, and smile whenever they rethink how magical it was.

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The Small Details

At ZJN Luxury Picnics & Decor, we believe in creating unique moments that leave a lasting impression. What differentiates us from our competitors is that we really listen to our clients, creating distinctive events tailored to their specific needs and desires. Our innovative mix of solutions ensures that every detail is covered. Get in touch to learn how we can make your dream event a reality.

Our goal is to bring people together in a safe environment amid the pandemic.

Just choose your location (Indoor/Outdoor) we are there to take care of Set up and Wind-up. You Just need to enjoy and have great quality time with your loved ones.

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